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  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Standing Seam Roof and Flat Systems for New Construction

Our projects range from 5000 sqft to over 150,000 sqft in size. We provide complete systems, which typically include Insulation board over metal deck, gypsum board, appropriate water barrier (if required) completed with standing seam metal roof material or roofing membrane per job specifications. We have the manpower to excel on time restraint projects. We provide this complete service, which eliminates a need for additional subcontractors and the possibility of “Who’s fought is it?”. We are responsible from the deck up and certified installers of nearly all the top names in roofing manufacturing. 

  • Metal Wall Panels

​​We have experience installing and working with Aluminum Composite Material, Foamed Filled, Architectural Specialty, and Zinc panels.  We can fabricate metal flashings and accessories to match each of these systems.  We are certified installers of some of the top manufactures in each panel category and can supply their full line of products. 

  • Retro-fit Framing Systems

We have extensive experience in retro-fit framing roof systems. We have provided retro-fit framing for over 25 buildings with over 750,000 sqft of installed framing. We have provide this service for the likes of NASA,US Air Force, US Army, and numerous school systems. This is experience you can rely on. We can take a building with a flat leaky roof and totally change and update its appearance without the roof leaks! We can provide 20 year weathertightness warranties which guarantee your roof will be leak free for that period or longer.

  • Reroofing

A good example would be removing shingles (a 15 year life product), repair the damaged deck (there always is some), installing ice and water shield and then installing the correct Standing Seam Metal Roof (a 30 year plus product) which fits that particular  roof. Another good example is removing the existing metal roof and correctly installing a new metal roof.

  • Repair of existing metal of Standing Seam Roof Systems

A.)  We can completely remove some Standing Seam Roof Systems and re-installed that same roof panel with new flashings and sealants (correctly).
B.)  We can rework and reconditioned some metal roof systems to provide many more years of service.
C.) We can install penetrations in metal roof systems to provide leak free service.
D.) We can remove sections (for ex. Storm damage) of metal roofing and reinstall.

  • Roof Coatings

The best alternative for some leaky roofs or rust deteriorating metal roof.

  • Low Slope Roofing​​​