Welcome to Metal Roofing Solutions, Inc. 

​Metal Roofing Solutions offers complete metal and flat roofing services backed by our extensive experience.

You have heard “attention to detail”, well “details” are what make a roof perform well. With the correct “details," 

a roofing system installed by us can provide upwards of 20 plus years of leak free service.

Without the proper details, a roof will began to be nightmare that will not go away.

We team up with several of the nation’s top manufactures of metal roofing to provide the best metal roof for your project.

Because of our experience, we eliminate the pit falls of incompatible products or deficient design from your project. 


Brookwood High School

Brookwood, AL

The University of Alabama Birmingham

Practice Field

Birmingham, AL 

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Birmingham Intermodal

Birmingham, AL

President's Mansion

Auburn University

​Auburn, AL

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